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East Malling Research


East Malling Research is a horticultural research institute in Kent, UK specialising in horticultural and perennial crop production. Visit the website for more details. 

Plant molecular biologist/pathologist vacancy


Job Summary  A plant molecular biologist is required to research the interaction between strawberry cultivars and two Phytophthora pathogens; P. cactorum (strawberry crown rot) and P. fragariae (strawberry red core). Pathogenic proteins necessary for the infection process (effectors) will be identified and characterised, resistance genes will be mapped and identified within the host. Next generation… Read More

Bioinformatician vacancy


Bioinformatician –  Project Leader Job Summary A bioinformatician is required to undertake algorithm development in order to improve the utilisation of second generation DNA sequencing technology in non-model crops. This will involve solving key problems, such as the accurate detection of DNA sequence variants from complex plant genomes. You will join a research group that spans laboratory and bioinformatics research and… Read More

Image analysis specialist- required at EMR


IMAGE ANALYSIS SPECIALIST –  (2-year Fixed-term initially, but subject to indefinite extension) Apply via jobs.ac.uk Job Specification: The Genetics and Crop Improvement Programme is responsible for commercially funded breeding and variety development as well as for genetics and genomic research on horticultural crops. The team works to deliver the best sustainable agricultural solutions – producing… Read More

Image analysis to identify disease resistance markers

Strawberry Roots

East Malling Services, Driscoll's Genetics Ltd, Berry Gardens Growers and the Harrison Lab at EMR, have been awarded a four year project by the Technology Strategy Board to develop a novel phenotyping system to visualise the interactions between Verticillium dahliae (the causative agent of Verticillium wilt), nematode species and strawberry roots. This system will be… Read More

Welcome Andrew

Andrew Armitage

Welcome to Andrew Armitage who has joined the lab in the role of bioinformatician, with a bit of wet lab work thrown in on the side. Andrew will be working on Phytophthora diseases of strawberry.   Andrew is has recently completed his PhD in population genetics titled, ‘Alternaria leafspot pathogens: genetics, evolutionary history and diagnostics’ (University of… Read More

PhD position available 2014

Neurospora has important plant pathogen relatives. What are their clocks doing?

PhD position available in 2014 Investigating the molecular clock of Verticillium dahliae and its influence on pathogenicity For details of how to apply please visit the Jobs.ac.uk site  Background:  The classical fungal model of clock genetics Neurospora crassa is in the same phylogentic class of many economically important plant pathogens, such as rice blast (Magnaporthe… Read More

EMR / UoR PhD student wins SET award

Oil palm

I'm delighted to report that Michelle Hulin, who starts a joint EMR / University of Reading PhD studentship on 30th Sept has won the SET award for 2013 for the best undergraduate biology student. There is a full report on the award over at the UKPSF website. Michelle's work on developing a rapid test for… Read More